Nice touch home is a truly professional establishment. People are very friendly and helpful as they move along with you in every step of the way and work with any possible budget. There is always a fear especially when there is structural change involved , however these guys provided everything from the engineering design, pulled the permit and took care of the final inspection. It was truly a pleasure to work with them.

Tim and Marry Buckwick, Anaheim Hills, CA

These guys treated our house like their very own place. All their workers and sub-contractors, observed the highest safety standards, treated us with a lot of respect and had enough patience to work with us and satisfy all our requests in different phases of our bathroom and kitchen remodeling project. They delivered the job a week earlier than what we had scheduled. We have recommended them to two other friends as well and would definitely use their help and support in our future projects.

Beth and Farah, Newport Beach, CA

Nice Touch Home truly carries more than what it claims. Their signature work stands out compared to all other remodelers and builders that we had dealt with in the past. Their work comprises of beauty, simplicity and safety. They stand next to you, care about your work, are very generous in providing you with fabulous ideas and valuable resources that I am sure has taken them years to acquire. It was a privilege working with them and having our fully cleaned house remodeled and delivered back to us. Should definitely try them and see for yourself.

Zand Family, Los Angeles, CA