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Nice Touch Home

Mission Statement

Nice Touch Home brings more than a decade of experience and a staff of professionals in order to help families with any budget transform their houses into what they call “Home”. We have constantly been proud to offer our very best services to families across Orange County and LA to improve their homes, whether it’s a major change or if it’s a simple remodeling project to something that is conveniently safe, beautiful and most importantly affordable. Providing the highest values and standards in building a living space has always been our goal. And always remember, all it takes is just a nice touch away.

What does a Nicely Touched Home bring for me?

  • Ease and convenience of living in a more aesthetically pleasing environment

  • New engineering design which would yield higher safety and ease of mind

  • Additional value brought to the property

  • A remodeled home will bring the feel of a new house without bearing the huge financial burden on your shoulders

  • A Nice Touch would act as your signature that would last forever

  • Why us?

    If you already have a house, but it still doesn’t meet your expectations, we are here to help. Due to our extensive background in residential and commercial building and remodeling, we have taken pride in gathering the most competent team of professionals that can meet almost anything that needs to be done at your house. At NTH, we are focused on providing top quality service with the highest level of customer satisfaction at every step of the way.

    NTH has earned its reputation, not only for its quality work, but its long-standing relationship with some of the best designers and craftsmen in the business. With a variety of offerings to choose from, NTH brings cost-effective, highly satisfying changes to your home. For us, it’s been years and years of practice and hard work to make it so far, but for you it’s just to decide and use that nice clean touch!

    Madjid Mohimani

    General Building Contractor license :

    Cell: (949) 228-1290
    Fax: (949) 334-4600

    Rezi-dential Development, Inc.
    2004-2008 – Orange county, CA

    Zolman Electrical and Construction Inc.

    Academic Qualifications:
    -Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering Tehran/Iran
    -OSHA Certificate